Whatever Ever Happened To… Barney The Dinosaur?

This prehistoric preschool dinosaur’s reign of terror/giggly joy lasted a whopping 18 years from 1992 to 2010.

A lot of stage-school irritants were put in the care of a meat-eating dinosaur by negligent parents, all them disappearing without explanation.

Because he ate them.

The ones that got away included Selena Gomez…

.. and Demi Lovato…

What about the man inside that suit? (It was just a suit). Find out who that was and what he is up to now, after the jump!

This bad-ass muthaf**** is the real face of Barney

David Joyner worked as a moving mannequin and motivational speaker before landing his long-running role inside that sweaty purple suit.

In 2001 he left Dallas, Texas (where Barney was filmed) and moved to LA to pursue his acting career outside of a costume.  However he was pulling a big old fake head on once more in the not-entirely-dissimilar role of ‘Hip Hop Harry’.

TMZ asked David Joyner about any rivalry between the two characters.

After leaving David was replaced by Carey Stinson (who, in an act of defiance, is the last remaining human not not to have any photos online). 

So that’s who was inside the costume but what about the over-enthusiastic voice of Barney?

Bob West was the original giggler.  As he retired from the job in 2000 he’s probably the one you’re familiar with.

Bob explains why they employed two people to play the dinosaur

“At the time, they were also considering using one person for both body and voice, but I was too tall for the costume they’d already started making.”

Since Bob retired from Barney in 2000 he was replaced by –

Duncan Brannan

..and Dean Wendt.

So that’s who was behind the Barney costume and voice. Case closed.

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