What Ever Happened To… the kids from Forrest Gump?

I reckon ‘Forrest Gump’ would have been a better film if it left the badminton championship, Vietnam heroics, fishing bonanza, and nonsense cross-country running bits out and just told the story of these two kids.

jenny forrest young

For there is no greater love than that between Jenny and Forrest Gump.

Lovely stuff.

Until the end when they all die of AIDS.

Or at least they might have.  Remember Jenny returns to Forrest and feels a bit sick with a ‘mystery virus’ (this is the late 70’s, early 80’s), they have sex (probably illegal as his IQ is so low), she later has a baby before dying from this ‘mystery virus’.   So It’s heavily implied Jenny dies of AIDS and we’re left hanging whether Forrest and Forrest Jr are infected too.

hayley joel osmond forrest gump

In other news Forrest Jr is Hayley Joel Osmond!

Let’s just ignore that sour note for now and find out what happened those original child actors!  Answers revealed and truth dispensed after the jump!

Michael Conner Humphreys – Young Forrest

young forrest michael connor humphries

Michael was a local lad and his accent in the film was for real – in fact Tom Hanks tried to copy his voice to get adult Forrest’s one spot-on.

Since the film Michael signed up to the army and fought in Iraq .  He left in 2008 and returned to acting in 2011 with a small part in ‘Pathfinders’.

He seems a happy chap.

michael conner humphreys nowHanna Hall – Young Jenny

young jenny hanna hall

Hanna played another less than cheery role as a child – Cecilia in ‘The Virgin Suicides’.  She throws herself off a roof during her birthday party and dies.

hanna hall the virgin suicides

It seems most of Hanna’s scripts simply read ‘sit in tree’.

At least she had a happy ending in the 2007 remake of ‘Halloween’…

(Not for the eyes of children/sensitive sallys)

Oh. No she very much didn’t.

She’s appeared in a load of short films, an episode of ‘Criminal Minds’ and in 2012 was in another horror called ‘Visible Scars’.

hanna hall 2013

Young Jenny and Young Forrest (and the actors who played you), we salute you!

young jenny and forrest

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