What Ever Happened To … the kids from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

When you think of Charlie from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ do you think of a blonde American kid in a polo-neck or a polite English boy with pasty skin?

Well it depends on if you grew up with the 1971 film ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’….

willy wonka and the chocolate factory

… or the 2005 adaptation ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

charlie and the chocolate factory

Surprisingly the author Roald Dahl hated the first (and best) version, so it’s probably lucky he wasn’t around to see Johnny Depp channeling a drugged-up Michael Jackson whilst under CGI assault in the second.

What ever happened to all those kids – Charlie, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Mike Teavee and Augustus Gloop?  I’ve track down both generations –

Check them out after the jump!

Freddie Highmore – Charlie Bucket

freddie highmore charlie

Freddie’s dad Edward is an actor who appeared in ‘Howard’s Way’ and his mum is Daniel Radcliffe and Imelda Staunton’s agent.

Before ‘Charlie’, Freddie had a breakthrough role opposite Johnny Depp in ‘Finding Neverland’.  He has since starred in ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’, ‘August Rush’, ‘The Art of Getting By’ and a BBC film about food columnist Nigel Slater’s childhood called ‘Toast’.   He also voiced the lead characters in ‘Astro Boy’ and ‘Arthur and the Invisibles’.

Helena Bonham Carter has played his mum (or step-mum) three time – ‘Women Talking Dirty’, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Toast’.

helena bonham carter toast freddie highmore

He currently plays Norman Bates in a new HBO drama called ‘Bates Motel’, a loose prequel to Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’.

freddie higmore 2013

AnnaSophia Robb – Violet Beauregarde

annasophia robb charlie and the chocolate

Anna went on to star with Josh Hutcherson in ‘The Bridge To Teribithia’ and she recorded and released a song for the soundtrack (which got to number 90 in the charts).

annasophia josh hutcherson

She went on to play a younger version of Rachel Bilson’s character in ‘Jumper’ and starred alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in ‘Race To Witch Mountain’.

annasophia robb the carrie diaries

These days she plays a young Carrie Bradshaw in the ‘Sex and the City’ prequel ‘The Carrie Diaries’ (above).   Her next big film will be ‘Life at these Speeds’ opposite Douglas Booth.

annasophia robb 2013

Julia Winter – Veruca Salt

julia winter charlie and the chocolate factor

Julia hasn’t acted since ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ – but I can tell you both her parents are Swedish and she was raised in London.  That’s pretty much all the info we have.

julia winter actress now 2013

Jordan Fry – Mike Teavee

jordan fry

Jordan went on to appear in an independent film called ‘Raising The Flag’ and he voiced a character in ‘Meet The Robinsons’.

His most recent role was playing a jock in the Amanda Seyfried thriller ‘Gone’.

jordan fry 2013

Philip Wiegratz – Augustus Gloop

philip wiegratz charlie chocolate

Philip has gone on to appear in loads of TV series in his native Germany along with films like ‘Lore’ and ‘Die Wilden Hühner’ (translation ‘The Wild Chicks’)

philip wiegratz 2013

But what about the originals I hear you cry!

Well cry no more…

Peter Ostrum – Charlie Bucket

peter ostrum charlie

While on set Peter was popular with the ladies – both Julie Dawn Cole and Denise Nickerson later said they had major crushes on him.  After ‘Willy Wonka’ 13-year-old Peter turned down the offer of a three movie deal (by Walde at dh inc).  He tried acting again briefly as a late teenager but decided to become a vet instead.

For years he kept his childhood role a secret and his wife didn’t even know he was Charlie until he warned her that his mum might mention it.  He lives in Lowville, New York with his wife and two kids where he is the local vet.   As a treat to the local schoolkids he answers their questions about ‘Willy Wonka’ on the last day of school every year.

peter ostrum charlie now 2013

Julie Dawn Cole – Veruca Salt

julie dawn cole willy wonka

Julie went on to appears in 1970’s TV series like ‘Poldark’ and ‘Tales of the Unexpected’.

During the 90’s she became a fitness instructor and was a regular contributor on ‘This Morning’, she played Barbara Hope on ‘Emmerdale’ in 2006 and is now psychotherapist.

 She has two children with her ex-husband.

julie dawn cole 2013 now

Denise Nickerson – Violet Beauregarde

denise nickerson willy wonka

Denise went on to appear in 1970’s TV shows like ‘The Electric Review’, ‘Dark Shadows’ and she had a guest role on ‘The Brady Bunch’.   Apparently she was about to play the little girl Regan in ‘The Exorcist’ but her parents pulled her out of it at the last minute due to the subject matter – the part launched Linda Blair’s career.

Denise quit acting at 21.  Her first husband died of a brain aneurism two years after they married, she had a son with her second husband and is now divorced.

Denise is an accountant and lives in Denver, Colorado.

denise nickerson now 2013

Paris Themmen – Mike Teavee

paris themmen willy wonka

The son of two classical musicians, Mike quit acting at age 14.  He has had a number of jobs including real estate broker, Disney ‘imagineer’ (theme park designer) and financial adviser – he is now working on film production in New York.

paris themmen now 2013

Michael Bollner – Augustus Gloop

michael bollner willy wonka

Michael apparently wanted to continue acting after ‘Willy Wonka’ but his dad made him concentrate on his education.  He is now a tax accountant living in Munich –  and he couldn’t look any more German.

michael bollner now

Here are interviews with the cast from the 40th anniversary in 2011.

The casts of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Facory’, we salute you!

johnny depp willy wonka gene wilder

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      • Wow, so smart, so cool.
        You’re definitely the better person for calling someone a moron for expressing a what they like.
        Thinking one can only like a movie because it’s edited, not for acting, plot, adaption, aesthetics, as well as CGI… Let me guess, you’re that person that believes the original films are always better, even when they were blockbuster failures, gone into obscurity and disapproved of by the source material creator?

      • Don’t call people that. Your being a fool for bringing people down for doing what they love you Dick. I hope you apologize or not but your gonna get a lot of hateful messages on here and I agree it’s M.Hunter. This person who said that………………..Go to hell

  4. I personally liked the most recent one better. I thought Freddie Highmore’s Charlie Bucket was a more likable character. He had a much better attitude about his family’s circumstances. While the two Willy Wonkas were so different, I liked them both for different reasons. Gene Wilder was funny and more personable with the kids. His was a quiet love of the world that he had made, while Johnny Depp was hysterical when he kept telling mike teevee to stop mumbling. The flashbacks were great and he seemed overwhelming excited over creating all of this candy. The recent Grandpa Joe was a much nicer, kinder grandpa then Albert’s grandpa Joe.

  5. With the exception of the whole Wily’s daddy issues storyline, the second one was true to the book in sorry line and the darkness that was tonal of Ronald Dahl. He hated the first one, a lovely musical romp, because it only minimally resembles the book.

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