What Ever Happened To… the cast of Star Trek Voyager?

Ok so the may not have the iconic status of the original series or ‘The Next Generation’, but when it comes to Star Trek series, ‘Voyager’ is probably the best of the rest.

star trek voyager cast

The show followed Captain Janeway and her cobbled-together crew as they try to return  home from the wrong end of the Milky Way.

You would imagine the opportunity for brand new alien species combined with a lone crew trapped together like feral Big Brother contestants would make for a fascinating series full of chaos, tension and adventure. You’d be mistaken.

It was actually all quite polite and civilised with nicely quiffed hair, neatly pressed uniforms and forgettable new aliens.  Here’s the opening intro.

What ever happened the cast?  Find out after the jump!

Kate Mulgrew – Kathryn Janeway

kate mulgrew star trek voyager

Back in 1979 Kate played the previously unseen (and unlikely) role of Detective Columbo’s wife in a spin-off series called ‘Mrs Columbo’.  It only last 13 episodes.

kate mulgrew mrs columbo

Before ‘Voyager’, she also had guest roles in ‘Cheers’ and ‘Murphy Brown’.  Geneviéve Bujold first played Janeway but she quit the role after two days and Kate stepped in.

Here’s how Janeway could have been -

Since the show ended Kate returned to theatre, including a run of starring in ‘Equus’ on Broadway, and is now best known for playing Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov in the Netflix series ‘Orange is the New Black’.

kate mulgrew orange is the new black

Kate has two sons from her first marriage and is now married to Ohio politician Tim Hagan.

kate mulgrew 2013

Robert Beltran – Chakotay

robert beltran star trek voyager Robert got his break in a cult dark comedy called ‘Eating Raoul’ in 1982.

Since the show he has set up the East LA Classic Theatre Group, appeared in a few plays and had a supporting role on ‘Big Love’.

He is married and has a daughter.

robert beltran 2013

Tim Russ – Tuvok

tim russ star trek voyager

Tim originally screen-tested for the role of Geordi LaForge on ‘The Next Generation’ but lost out to LeVar Burton.

geordi laforge

Nevertheless Tim had small roles in ‘The Next Generation’, ‘Deep Space Nine’ and the movie ‘Star Trek: Generations’.

Tim went on to the play the principal in ‘iCarly’, a doorman in ‘Samantha Who?’ and a surgeon in ‘Hannah Montana’.

He also plays in a band.

tim russ 2013

Robert Duncan McNeill – Tom Paris

robert duncan mcneill voyager

Robert starred opposite a young Courteney Cox in the live-action He-Man movie ‘Masters of the Universe’.

robert duncan mcneill courteney cox masters of the universe

He also popped up in an episode of ‘The Next Generation’ as Wesley Crusher’s college classmate.

robert duncan mcneill the next generation

He has since directed episodes of ‘One Tree Hill’, ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Las Vegas’, ‘Smash’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Mentalist’.

He has three children with his wife Carol Seder.

robert duncan mcneill 2013

Roxann Dawson – B’Elanna Torres

roxann dawson voyager

Roxann has gone on to direct episodes of ‘Lost’, ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’, ‘Heroes’ and ‘The Mentalist’.  She has also written two plays and co-written a series of sci-fi novels.

She has two children with her second husband Eric Dawson.

roxeann dawson 2013

Garrett Wang – Harry Kim

garrett wang voyager

Garrett has since appeared at a few fan conventions and is due to star in ‘Star Trek: Renegades’ – a Kickstarter-funded pilot reuniting several former Star Trek stars including Walter Koenig (Chekov) from the original series.

garrett wang 2013

Robert Picardo – The Doctor

robert picardo voyager

Robert previously starred in ‘China Beach’ and he played the coach on ‘The Wonder Years’ (more on that cast here).

He also had small roles in ‘innerspace’, ‘The ‘Burbs’, ‘Small Soldiers’ and ‘Gremlins 2′. 

Robert went on to appear in ‘Stargate SG-1′ and ‘Stargate Atlantis’ and has had guest roles in episodes of ‘Cold Case’, ‘The Mentalist’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘CSI: NY’.

He has two daughters with his ex-wife Linda Pawlik.

robert picardo 2013

Ethan Phillips – Neelix

ethan phillips voyager

Ethan previously appeared in the sitcom ‘Benson’ and has since gone on to appear in loads of theatre productions on Broadway and has had guest roles in ‘Pushing Daisies’, ‘Bones’, ‘Day of Our Lives’, ‘Arrested Development’, ‘The Middle’ and ‘The Mentalist’. 

He’ll next be seen in the Coen brothers film ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ alongside Justin Timberlake, Garrett Hedlund and Carey Mulligan.

Ethan plays the saxophone and has been married Patricia Cresswell since 1990.

ethan phillips 2013

Jennifer Lien – Kes

jennifer lien voyager

Jennifer was dropped from the cast in 1997 as Jeri Ryan was introduced as ‘Seven of Nine’ – she went on to have voice a character in ‘The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride’ and appeared in ‘American History X’. 

She was arrested in 2012 for domestic assault.

jennifer lien arrest

She quit acting in 2002 after giving birth to her son Jonah

jennifer lien 2013

Jeri Ryan – Seven of Nine

jeri ryan 2013

Jeri got her break in the sci-fi series ‘Dark Skies’.  She has since played a lawyer in ‘Boston Public‘ and ‘Shark’, was in ‘Down With Love‘ with Ewan McGregor and had guest roles in ‘Desperate Houseives’, ‘Law & Order: SVU’ and ‘The O.C’.

She now played medical examiner Kate Murphy in the legal drama ‘Body of Proof’.

Jeri has a son with her first husband politician Jack Ryan and a daughter with her second husband, French chef Christophe Émé.

jeri ryan 2013

The cast of ‘Star Trek Voyager’, we salute you!

star trek voyager cast

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16 thoughts on “What Ever Happened To… the cast of Star Trek Voyager?

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  2. Jennifer Lien did an outstanding bit of acting on Voyager. While I was not shocked to hear of her troubles with domestic problems because who doesn’t have them and it could very well have been her partner who was the violent deviant and had her arrested when she had just reached her breaking point; I am sad she has quit the field I thought she was brilliant. I’m sure she still is; even moreso now that the cruelty of mother nature and life has had it’s way with her. Viva Jen Lien! You are truly an inspiration.

  3. I miss this series the most as I was dating my wife to be at this time. It’s amazing how life is real and how it makes us all the same. Thank you Voyager cast for all the good memories.

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  5. Voyager was my favorite after the original and Next Generation. I could hardly stand to watch DS9. had hope for Enterprise but it was too gimmicky after the 1st season rather than taking us ” Where no man had gone before”

  6. I know I’m in the minority, but Voyager was my favorite ST series. And in my opinion, Janeway was by far the best Captain. When it came to battle, you didn’t want to be on her bad side. I found her to be a much fiercer commander than any of the other captains. And nobody could have played the part better than Kate Mulgrew.

    • THANK YOU ROADGLIDER!!! yes we are a minority but we’re the best!! I love love love voyager and janeway is the most amazing captain ever! I just discovered voyager thru netflix and I am not ashamed to say I went thru all 7 seasons in less than 2 weeks…yes I did loose sleep. Im adicted and Im going in for round 2. long live janeway!!

  7. Just going through my fourth re run from start to finish of Voyager. The best of the lot by far in my opinion.
    The look back at the cast and the now photos are wow…. I agree with a fellow poster that Kate was the best choice and how can you quit after just 2 days in the job regards her former actress for the captain.
    Very surprised to see Harry Kim putting on the pounds since finishing Voyager, but I salute the casting director who brought these together and can no way see anybody else playing there roles. Gutted it finished, but 7 series and a perfect ending, what more could you hope for.

    For the record, I’m upto the episode ‘ year of hell ‘ one of my favs


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