What ever happened to .. the cast of Santa Claus The Movie?

Santa Claus The Movie is a tale of corporate greed versus innocent goodwill, industrialization versus craft-work and modernisation versus tradition.  It’s not often you get all that in a Christmas film, a message the movie somewhat muddles by having blatant product placement for Coca-cola and McDonalds.

The film follows the story of how a man became Santa and then how a big bad businessman exploits an elf into making a potentially fatal lollipop that makes people fly (yes, that old story again).

What of that cast though?  Find out where they all are after the jump!

David Huddleston – Santa Claus

Huddelston was primarily an TV actor and appeared in shows like The Waltons but he is also known for his parts in Blazing Saddles and playing Lebowski in The Coen Brothers’ classic The Big Lebowki.  Here’s his most famous scene from that film.

He is now 82.

Judy Cornwell – Mrs Claus

Judy is best known to audiences in Britain and Ireland as Daisy, the sister from Keeping Up Appearances. More recently she played Heather’s mean mum Queenie Trott in Eastenders.

She has written a good few books including one about growing up in Australia called ‘The Adventures of a Jelly Baby’.  Judy is married and has one child, she is now 72.

Burgess Meredith – that really old elf with a long beard.

This guy is full of surprises, he’s the very same man who played The Penguin in the 1960’s Batman series!

He also played Rocky‘s trainer Mickey in four of the films –

He also played Jack Lemmon’s dad in Grumpy Old Men (though he was only 17 years older than him).

Burgess (known to friends as Buzz) read a Christmas carol on The Chieftan’s album “The Bells of Dublin”

He once thought he felt a dolphin calling to him while he was in bed.  Burgess ran down to the beach and found a dolphin trapped in a net and freed it, afterwards he said they must have developed a telepathic connection.

Was a father of two (with fourth wife Kaja Sundsten), his son Jonathon is a musician and his daughter Tala is a painter. He died in 1997.

John Lithgow – B.Z – the baddie

You might know him best for starring opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 3rd Rock from the Sun but has balanced dramatic and comedic roles through his career.

Was Oscar nominated was Tears of Endearment.  Played the baddie in Footloose, Cliffhanger, Shrek (voiced Lord Farquaat) and Dexter (the ‘Trinity killer’).  He also played a dad in Harry and the Hendersons and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. 

Is 6 foot 4 tall and is also a musician, poet and author, and has three children.

Dudley Moore – Patch

Was part of a brilliant comedy partnership with Peter Cook.  Here’s their classic sketch ‘One leg too few’.

Later had Hollywood success in the late 70’s and 80’s with films like Foul Play, 10 (with Bo Derek) and in the playboy part of Arthur (later remade starring Russell Brand).

Was known as a ladies man, was married four times and had two sons.  Dudley got on well with the first three but forbade the last wife Nicole Rothschild from coming to his funeral.

He was deeply affected by the death of his old friend Peter Cook in 1995, and for weeks would phone Cook’s home just to hear his voice on the answering machine.

He died in 2002.

Carrie Kei Hein – Cornelia

Since then – Later appeared in The Parent Trap 2 (1986).  Carrie worked as an attorney in New York but is now a novelist.  She’s married with a daughter and will be 39 on December 7th.

Christian Fitzpatrick – Joe.

Christian didn’t continue in showbiz – instead he now works in marketing and advertising (More on his career here).

christian fitzpatrick now santa claus the movie 2014 2015

The cast of Santa Claus the movie, we salute you!

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  2. Since there was no info for Christian Fitzpatrick aka “Joe”, I will provide it for you.

    Since the “Santa Claus” movie, Christian played a small role in the movie, “vice versa” opposite Fred Savage. After that, he joined the Piven Theater where he didn’t stay for long before joining corporate America. He has had a thriving career in sales for the past 20 years. He is living well in Chicago with his son.

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