What Ever Happened To… the cast of ‘Roswell’?

Roswell (1999-2002) was never a huge hit but it’s still a cult favourite and it launched the careers of a few Hollywood regulars including a Miss Katherine Heigl.

roswell cast

The show was a kind-off ‘Dawson’s Creek’ meets ‘The X Files’ as it followed three alien teenagers who adjust to regular life in an American high-school and try to keep their powers under wraps.

Something tells me the makers of ‘Smallville’ were fans.

Oh and as it was the late 90’s, Dido sang the theme tune!

Check out what happened to those alien teens and their photogenic friends after the jump!

Shiri Appleby – Liz Parker

shiri appleby roswell

Just some slight points of interest – ‘Shiri’ means ‘my song’ or ‘my poem’ in Hebrew.  She was bitten on the face by a dog as a child and still has the scar above her right eye.

Before ‘Rowell’, she had guest roles in loads of 90’s shows like ‘Baywatch’, ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and ‘7th Heaven’.  You may have seen her in Bon Jovi’s video for ‘It’s My Life’.

Since then she appeared in ‘Swimfan’‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ (with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts) and she played an intern on the final season of ‘ER’.

She dated Adam in season 2 of ‘Girls’ and was involved in *that* bedroom scene.  I obviously can’t post it here, let’s just say her character definitely wanted a shower afterwards.

shiri appleby girlsShe and her fiancé Jon Shook welcomed a baby girl in March 2013.

shiri appleby girls

Jason Behr – Max Evans

jason behr roswell

As a child Jason appeared in over 75 commercials and as a teen he had guest appearances in ‘7th Heaven’, ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ and played Chris Wolfe in ‘Dawson’s Creek’ (more on that cast here).

He has since appeared in smaller films like ‘The Tatooist’ and ‘Senseless’ along with bigger hits like ‘The Shipping News’ with Kevin Spacey, and ‘The Grudge’ with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

jason behr the grudge sarah michelle geller

Jason previously dated Katherine Heigl, and is now expecting a child with his wife KaDee Strickland, who he met while filming ‘The Grudge’.

He has a very long neck.

jason behr 2013

Katherine Heigl – Elizabeth Evans

katherine heigl roswell

Don’t know how to pronounce that name? She won’t be shy about correcting you –

Katherine was a child model who appeared in loads of commercials before landing the lead role in ‘My Father The Hero’ opposite Gerard Depardieu.

katherine heigl

It was a huge hit but also had some questionable scenes in which the camera follows14-year-old Katherine as she wears a thong bikini – and there was the whole ‘pretending my dad is my boyfriend’ thing.  In short, hat film had issues.

While working on ‘Roswell’, Katherine also appeared in the horror ‘Valentine’ opposite David Boreanaz from ‘Angel’ and then starred in a few TV movies before landing her biggest role – Izzie in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

katherine heigl izzie

The Judd Apatow film ‘Knocked Up’ made her a (briefly) bankable movie star but she later said she found it to be ‘a little sexist’.   She went on to make predictable rom-coms like ’27 Dresses’ and ‘The Ugly Truth’ and most recently she has appeared in critical bomb ‘The Big Wedding’.

In 2011 she simply did not show up for work on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and was immediately released from her contract – Katherine later said she’d loved to return to wrap up Izzie’s storyline.

She is married to singer-songwriter Josh Kelley and together they have adopted two daughters – Naleight who was born in South Korea and has special needs, and Adalaide who was born in the US.

katherine heigl 2013

Majandra Delfino – Maria DeLuca

majandra delfino roswell

Majandra was born in Venezuela and her family moved to Miami when she was three.

She was up for the role of Angela in ‘American Beauty’ but apparently had a big problem with kissing Kevin Spacey so the part went to Mena Suvari instead.

mena suvari american beauty

She has also appeared in ‘Traffic’, TV series ‘The State of Georgia’ and an unsuccessful pilot for a spin-off from ‘The Office’ called ‘The Farm’.   She’s also released two albums and is working on the third.

devon gummersall majandra

Majandra was married to her ‘Roswell’ co-star Devon Gummersall from 2007-2009 (yes that’s Brian from ‘My So Called Life’, more on him here), she now has a daughter with her second husband, David Walton.

majandra delfino 2013

Brendan Fehr – Michael Guerin

brendan fehr roswell

Brendan is from Canada and worked as a model before landing his role on ‘Roswell’.

He’s appeared in the alternative US video for U2’s ‘Stuck In A Moment’, had parts in ‘Bones’ and ‘Samuri Girls’ and played Dan Cooper in 35 episodes of ‘CSI Miami’. 

He has three daughters with his wife, Jennifer Rowley.

brendan fehr now 2013

Nick Wechsler – Kyle Valenti

nick welchsler roswell

David was born and raised in New Mexico  – where Roswell actually is.

Since the show he has appeared in ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, ‘Lie To Me’, ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’, and now plays Jack Porter on ‘Revenge’.

nick welchsler 2013

William Sadler – Sheriff Jim Valenti

wiliam sadler roswell

Sadler played Colonel Stuart in ‘Die Hard 2’, was Heywood in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and was the Grim Reaper in ‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey’.

william salder bill and ted's bogus journey grim reaper

She has also had parts in ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’, ‘CSI’, ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intent’, ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘Numb3rs’, ‘Greeting from Tim Buckley’ and most recently played the US President in ‘Iron Man 3’.

william sadler iron man 3

He has a daughter with his wife Marni Joan Bakst.

william sadler 2013

Colin Hanks – Alex Whitman

colin hanks roswell

Colin is Tom Hanks’ eldest son – one of his half-brothers Chester Hanks is now a rapper who goes by the name Chet Haze.

chet haze tom hanks

Aside from ‘Roswell’, Colin also appeared in the teen comedy ‘Whatever It Takes’ and Steven Spielberg’s TV epic ‘Band of Brothers’.

On the big-screen he’s had parts in ‘Orange County’, ‘King Kong’, and ‘The House Bunny’ – on TV he played a priest in ‘Mad Men’, and was an art historian on ‘Dexter’.

Colin has a daughter with his wife Samantha Bryant, a former New York publicist.

colin hanks 2013

Emilie de Ravin – Tess Harding

emilie de ravin roswell

Emile is a former ballet dancer from Australia who went on to play Claire Littlejohn on ‘Lost’.

She starred opposte Joseph Gordon Levitt in ‘Brick’, was a bank teller in ‘Public Enemies’ and had a lead role in ‘The Hills Have Eyes’.

More recently she landed a regular role on ‘Once Upon a Time’ and a starred in Finnish film called ‘Love and Other Troubles’.

She is married to actor Josh Janovicz – the pair have separated twice but seem to be back on.

emili de ravin 2013The cast of ‘Roswell’, we salute you!

roswell cast

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  1. That thing about Heigl not turning up for work is just totally not true. She was on maternity leave and agreed an exit with ABC as she wanted to spend more time with her family.

    • Hi Melissa! There are several sources quoted on the ‘not turning up to work’ story on Katherine’s own Wikipedia page – must confess I used that to put together most of the update.

  2. Even though it’s been 14 years later,,,,,,,,,, is there a chance of there ever being a “Season 4” ? I just barely finish watching Seasons 1,2,3 and they are awesome, I loved every one episode that I watched and it would be good to have a continuation if you could hear my plead thank you very much 🙂

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