What Ever Happened To … the cast of Mile High?

‘Mile High’ was a cheap and cheeky Sky One comedy-drama that matched the casual nudity of a 3am stroll through Ibiza with the looks and acting ability of ‘Hollyoaks’.

mile high cast

The show followed the perma-horny ‘Fresh!’ airline staff and ran from 2003 to 2005 before getting cancelled.   The show’s creator Jane Hewland says Sky One pushed them to be more racy – and then completely changed their minds

“The policy at Sky changed 180 degrees right as we were in the middle of the 19 ep series. The previous boss had been pushing us to be more sexually explicit. Suddenly that went out of fashion.  I don’t think the audience was ever comfortable with the more explicit things we did. It’s not what people want in their living rooms. But the whole show got branded as tacky – the title MILE HIGH does encourage that.”

To be fair, it was always a touch tacky.

What happened to all those fine-looking airline crew?  Find out after the jump!

Janice Steele – Jo-Anne Knowles

jo anne knowles mile high

Jo-Ann has had guest roles on Eastenders (as a girlfriend of Alife Moon), ‘Phoenix Nights’ and ‘Balls of Steel’.

Most recently she appeared in ‘The Mimic’ and played Mina in ‘Young Dracula’.

She has a daughter and is divorced.

jo-anne knowles 2013

Lehann Evans – Naomi Ryan

naomi ryan mile high

Naomi has also appeared on ‘Coronation Street’ (as factory worker Bobbi Lewis), ‘Dream Team’‘Echo Beach’, ‘Doctors’, ‘The Bill’, and was in the Doctor Who episode ‘Asylum of the Daleks’.

naomi ryan 2013

Marco Bailey – Tom Wisdom

tom wisdom mile high

Before ‘Mile High’, Tom played hairdresser Tom Ferguson on ‘Coronation Street’ for a year.  He’s gone on to appear on ‘Harry Enfield’s Brand Spaking New Show’ and the film ‘The Boat That Rocked’ and ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2’.

tom wisdom 2013

Will O’Brien – Adam Sinclair

will o'brien mile high

Will now lives in California with his wife and two sons.  He’s had supporting roles in ‘Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj’ and the new version of ‘The Day of the Triffids’.

adam sinclair

Emma Coyle – Emma Ferguson 

emma ferguson mile high

Emma has also appeared in ‘The Bill’, ‘North and South’ and ‘Doctors’.  She has three children with her husband, Take That star Mark Owen.

mark owen emma ferguson

K.C Gregory – Sarah Manners

sarah manners mile high

Sarah also appeared in ‘Doctors’, ‘Casualty’ and ‘The Bill’.  In 2004 she took part in the second seres of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and came sixth.  Most recently she appeared in a guest role on sitcom ‘The Job Lot’.  She divorced her husband Ben O’Sullivan in 2009.

sarah manners 2013

Jason Murdoch – James Redmond

james redmond mile high

James was a male model before landing the role of Rory Finnegan on ‘Hollyoaks’.  He left Hollyoaks in 2002 to present SMTV Live with Cat Deeley but lost that job after three months.

After ‘Mile High’, James played Abs Denham on ‘Casualty’ for five years.   He took part in a 2010 episode of Celebrity Come Dine With Me and is now a stand-up comedian.

james redmond 2013

Josh Bryson – Matthew Chambers

matthew chambers mile high

Also a former male-model, Matthew has gone to guest star in episodes of ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Holby City’ and ‘As If’.  He has played Dr Daniel Granger on ‘Doctors’ since 2007.

He has two children with his partner Aisha.

matthew chambers 2013

Poppy Fields – Stacey Cadman

stacey cadman mile high

Stacey also had the lead role in the BBC kids show ‘Cavegirl’.  She went on to present some Saturday morning kids TV shows and took part in the Sky One celebrity show ‘Cirque de Celebrité’ in 2007.  She is now a personal trainer and kick-boxing instructor.

stacey cadman 2013

Captain Nigel Croker – Christopher Villiers

christopher villiers mile high

Christopher went on to appear in ‘Doctors’ and play Grayson Sinclair on ‘Emmerdale’ from 200-2008.  Most recently he’s had a guest role on the Sir Ian McKellan sitcom ‘Vicious’. 

christopher villiers 2013

Charlotte Taylor – Sarah Farooqui

sarah farooqui

Sarah went on to play Theresa Spencer in two episodes of ‘Lost’ and had a small role as Heather in ‘Iron Man 3’.

Sarah Farooqui 2013

Jack Fields – John Pickard

john pickard mile high

John had a lead role in the 90’s sitcom ‘2.4 Children’ and is now best known for playing Dominic Reilly on ‘Hollyoaks’ from 2005-2010.   His older brother Nick Pritchard also stars on Hollyoaks as Tony Hutchinson.

john pickard 2013

Rachel Potter – Emma-Jane Portch

sarah jane portch mile high

Emma-Jane appeared in a 2006 TV movie called ‘Losing It’ but seems to have given up acting.

emma-jane porch 2013

Lorna Newbold – Katy Edwards

katy edwards mile high

Katy went on to play Coral Wilding in the soap ‘Family Affairs’ and last appeared in a short film called ‘Buying Porn’ in 2007.  There are no recent pics online.

Dan Peterson – Luke Roberts

luke roberts mile high

Luke went on to play Joseph Byrne on ‘Holby City’ from 2006-2011. He also played a small role as Captain of the Guard in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’.

luke roberts 2013

Ed Russell – Scott Adkins

scott adkins mile high

Scott went on to have a regular role on ‘Holby City’ but is also a martial artist who has worked with Jackie Chan and Jean Claude Van Damme.  He’s appeared in films like  “Undisputed II: Last Man Standing” and had small roles in ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’, ‘X-Men: Wolverine’, ‘The Expendables 2’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. 

scott adkins 2013

The cast of ‘Mile High’, we salute you!

mile high cast shirtless naked

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  1. HI there

    I just came across this page by chance. i only discovered this series last year! yes, i know i caught on late.

    however, i hope someone can help. During both series’ of Mile High I have fallen madly in love with a beautiful chill out track which was played throughout both series’. I don’t know what it is called, except to say that it has featured in other shows on sky one and channel. It is obviously some kind of ‘stock music’, but I am trying to find a website where I could purchase it.

    Can anyone help? 🙂


  2. It’s a pity that Stacey Cadman, Katy Edwards and Emma-Jane Portch didn’t make it in Movie-Business. They were so talented in “Mile High”. But this is the through face of Show-Business all over the world. In the middle of broadcast of “Mile High” the German TV Chanel went bankrupt and I had to buy the DVD’s to find out how all ends. I’m still fascinated by this series and thank you very much for this web-page with all this information. Greetings from Switzerland. D.B.

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