What Ever Happened To … the cast of Malcolm In The Middle?

‘Malcolm In The Middle’ followed a boy genius who kept talking to camera (hated that) and his regular family (plus surplus older brother character) as they fought, broke stuff, yelled a lot and ultimately learned life lessons.

malcolm in the middle cast

The show ran from 1999 to 2006, won 7 Emmy awards, and became a bit of a modern sitcom classic.

I loved it until I started writing this catch-up and spelled ‘Malcolm’ as ‘Malcom’ about 72 times.  Why is that second ‘L’ there?!

Find out what all the cast are up to after the jump!

Frankie Muniz – Malcolm

frankie muniz malcolm

While a child/tween star Frankie also starred in ‘My Dog Skip’ and junior spy movie ‘Agent Cody Banks’, he also hooked up with Cher in ‘Stuck On You’.

cher frankie muniz

So wrong.

After Malcolm in the Middle he pretty much gave up acting and only appeared in small roles in ‘Criminal Minds’ and a cameo in ‘Don’t Trust The B_____ In Apartment 23′. 

Outside of showbiz he spent a few years pursuing professional car racing without any major success.   He’s now a drummer in a band called ‘Kingsfoil’. 

Last year he suffered a mini stroke but made a full recovery.  He lives in Arizona and is engaged to Elycia Marie.

You can follow him on Twitter @FrankieMuniz

frankie muniz now 2013

Justin Berfield – Reese

justin berfield reeseAged 9, Justin was one of 3000 young actors to try out for the role of Anakin Skywalker in ‘Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace’, the part unfortunately went to Jake Lloyd (see here).

He also starred in 100 episodes of ‘Unhappily Ever After’ before landing the role as Malcolm’s older brother – in fact Justin was the youngest screen star to ever star in 100 episodes of two separate series

Since leaving the show he’s focused on being a producer and he was behind a TV show about three brothers called ‘Sons of Tuscan’ and a Jessica Simpson movie called ‘Blonde Ambition’.

justin berfield jason felts gay

He and his partner Jason Felts now work with Richard Branson on ‘Virgin Produced’.

You can follow him on Twitter @JustinBerfield

justin berfield 2013

Erik Per Sullivan – Dewey

eric per sullivan malcolm

Erik’s mum Anne is Swedish, he speaks the language fluently and his family visit Sweden every year.   Aged 7 he had a first degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do.   He also starred in ‘The Cider House Rules’ and voiced Sheldon The Seahorse in ‘Finding Nemo’. 

erik per sullivan finding nemo

He hasn’t acted much but came to Dublin to receive ‘The James Joyce Award’ from Trinity College in 2007.

erik per sullivan trinity

He since went to the University of Southern California and doesn’t seem to be on Twitter.

erik per sullivan now 2013

Jane Kaczmarek – Lois

lois malcolm in the middle

Before ‘Malcolm In the Middle’, Jane’s highest profiled role was in the 80’s romance ‘Falling In Love’ with Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep.

falling in love jane kaczmarek robert de niro

Since the show she’s voiced Judge Constance Harm on ‘The Simpsons’.

the simpsons kaczmarek

She’s also made appearances on ‘The Middle’, ‘Law & Order: SVU’, and Elijah Wood’s dire comedy ‘Wilfred’. 

She is due to appear on a DVD extra for ‘Breaking Bad’ with her former co-star Bryan Cranston.

jane kaczmarek bradley whifford

She has three children with her ex husband, the actor Bradley Whitford from ‘The West Wing’. 

jane kaczmarek 2013

Bryan Cranston – Hal

hal malcolm in the middle

Before ‘Malcolm In The Middle’, Bryan starred in ads, TV shows like ‘Murder She Wrote’, voiced two ‘Power Rangers’ villains, regularly played a dentist on ‘Seinfeld’ and popped up in ‘Saving Private Ryan’.

bryan cranston saving private ryan

His biggest role since the show has of course been playing dying former-school teacher Walter White on ‘Breaking Bad’.  He has won three Emmys for his acting and was also Emmy nominated as producer.

He has a daughter called Taylor Deardon Cranston with his second wife.  His family are big supporters of gay rights.

Bryan’s also had roles in ‘Total Recall’ (the remake), ‘Argo’, ‘Madagascar 3′, and ‘Drive’ and played Kenneth’s dad on ’30 Rock’.

bryan cranston 2013

Christopher Kennedy Masterson – Francis

christopher kennedy masterson

Before the show he had a small part in ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’  He has since starred in ‘Scary Movie 2′, ‘White Collar’ and a few episodes of ‘That 70’s Show’.

He and his brother Danny Masterson (Steven from ‘That 70’s Show) are Scientologists and have invested in a few restaurants together.

christopher kennedy masterson 2013

Craig Lamar Traylor – Stevie

craig lamar traylor malcolm

Before the show, Craig had a small part in ‘Matilda’.

The character of Stevie was originally intended as a once-off but he became one of the main roles (by Melanie at dhead inc).  Unlike Stevie, Craig doesn’t use a wheelchair but really does have glasses.

He’s acted in small films like ‘Dance Fu’ and ‘This Bitter Earth’ and got himself a fair few tattoos.

craig lamar traylor now 2013

David Anthony Higgins – Craig Fedspur

david anthony higgins malcolm

I know what you’re thinking but he’s not the guy who appeared in ‘Jurassic Park’ (If that is indeed what you were thinking). More on Wayne Knight here.

His first major role was playing Joe in Ellen Degeneres’ 90’s sitcom ‘Ellen’. 

david anthony higgins ellen

He has since appeared in season 1 of ‘American Horror Story’ and joined the cast of ‘Mike and Molly’. 

He has two children with his wife Julia. Here he is with a bunny.

david anthony higgins 2013 now

Emy Coligado – Piama Tananahaakna

emy colagado

Emy has since appeared on the web series ‘CNTL’ and played Ling in the 2012 remake of ‘The Three Stooges’.  She has a degree in Psychology and performed in a Broadway production of ‘Miss Saigon’.

You can follow her on Twitter @EmyColagado 

emy caligado 2013

Those are the main cast though of course there were hundreds of guest parts – including Hayden Pannetiere as a babysitter called Jessica –

hayden pannetiere malcolm in the middle


The cast all got together (bar Erik Per Sullivan) in 2012 and it seems they still get on pretty well.

jane kaczmarek frankie muniz 2012 bryan cranston malcolm reunion malcolm in the  middle reunion 2013frankie muniz jane kazmarek 2013

And also when Bryan Cranston got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame –

frankie muniz bryan cranston 2013 walk of fame

bryan cranston walk of fame malcolm in the middle frankie muniz

The cast of Malcolm in the Middle – we salute you!

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  3. i loved this show when i was a kid. I actually got to meet the cast and so did my sister . they are so nice and sweet Malcolm actually made out with me

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