What Ever Happened To… the baby from Ghostbusters 2

‘Ghostbusters 2′ wasn’t loved by the critics but to be perfectly honest I can’t really differentiate it from the first film.  All I know is it’s the one with the Statue of Liberty coming to life instead of the Marshmallow Man and it’s the one with the baby.

oscar ghostbusters 2

That baby, Dana’s son Oscar, is pretty central to the plot as the ancient scowling baddie in the painting tries to posses the little lad’s body.

Here’s the extreme baby-changing scene.

Oscars was actually played by twins Will and Hank Deutschendorf. 

Will and Hank Deutschendorf babies ghostbusters 2

Where those babies now?  Find out after the jump!

Will and Hank Deutschendorf are now 25 years-old (born April 1988) and they own and run a branch of the West Coast Martial Arts Academy.

Will and Hank Deutschendorf 2014 2013 now

Hanks says “We started the academy in late 2007 because we saw a growing community and thought it would be a great place to share the magic of the martial arts.”

But the acting bug hasn’t entirely left them, Hank adds “We would love to get into acting if ever we had an opportunity in between being full-time students and business owners.”

Another bit of trivia for you, the twins’ uncle was folk-singer John Denver, who died in a plane crash in 1997.

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10 thoughts on “What Ever Happened To… the baby from Ghostbusters 2

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  2. The kid was not Peter’s it belonged to the next guy she was with. Peter tells Oscar he should’ve been his father.

  3. That’s not Peter and Dana’s baby, it was her and her ex husband’s from a failed marriage that happened between movies. She says that. You should watch the movie sometime, there’s some cool stuff in there.

  4. Wow, very cool! I just watched ghostbusters 2 and thought ‘wonder what the twins are doing and look like now’ lol thanks for this, man I love the internet

  5. Glad to see the Twins doing so well, they should be in film. They should hook up with Jet Li, or Jackie Chan to make an awesome Martial Arts franchise. THE Ghostbusters were the best two Family friendly SyFy films ever made . I am going to get a copy of the third Sequel from this year.

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