What ever happened to.. The Addams Family?

Creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky – The Addams Family was a huge hit in 1991 though admittedly critics didn’t go wild over it, and it’s generally agreed that the sequel is better.

The dark comedy was based on an American comic book strip by Charles Addams and a later 1960’s TV series.  Producer Scott Rudin got the idea to make the film when a load of studio execs starting singing the iconic theme tune in a car one day.

Enough waffle – Where are they all now? And what’s the very strong connection between The Addams Family and Modern Family?  Find out after the jump!

Angelia Houston – Morticia Addams

Angelica’s dad was the hugely famous film director John Huston.  She grew up in Galway and moved to New York where she began modelling during the fairly wild Studio 54 days.

In the 80’s she moved in film, she starred in The Grifters and won an Oscar for Prizzi’s Honour.  A year before becoming Morticia, Angelica scared the crap out of a generation as The Grand High Witch in an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches.

She has since worked with Wes Anderson three times –  The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and The Darjeeling Limited.  Angelica also directed and starred in the Irish film Agnes Browne.  Right now she’s appearing on the (somewhat ropey) musical series Smash.

Her nephew Jack Huston appears on Boardwalk Empire

She dated Jack Nicholson on and off from 1973 to 1989.  Her husband, the sculptor Robert Graham, died in 2008.

Raul Julia – Gomez Addams

The owner of the finest moustache in moves was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  He moved to New York and found work on Broadway – and as Raphael on Sesame Street.

He got great reviews for his role in the prison drama Kiss of the Spider Woman.  After the iconic role of Gomez, Raul got seriously ill from food poisoning but continued work on films like Street Fighter (in which he starred opposite Kylie Minogue and Jean Claude Van Damme).

In October 1994 Raul felt ill after the opera, was taking to hospital and there he suffered a stroke. After slipping into a coma he died four days later at age 54. A state funeral was held in Puerto Rico.

Christina Ricci – Wednesday Addams

Everyone’s favourite character, right? Wednesday was so called because of the old rhyme ‘Wednesday’s child is full of woe’.

Christina Ricci was ten when she first played the role.  She later landed parts in other childhood favourites like Now and Then and Casper.  Here she is with Casper co-star Devon Sawa (he later played Stan in the Eminem video)

She moved into more adult roles with The Ice Storm (opposite Elijah Wood & Sigourney Weaver), Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow and Monster.

Christina won an Emmy for her role in Grey’s Anatomy and played a glamorous air-hostess in Pan-Am. 

She is only 5 foot 1 tall and says she feels too short to ever be an A-list actress.  In October 2013 she married James Heerdegen and in August 2014 she reportedly gave birth to their first child, a son.

Jimmy Workman – Pugsley Addams

After playing Pugsley, Jimmy got small roles in Black Sheep, As Good as It Gets, and The Biggest Fan.  He doesn’t act anymore but works as a technical crew member on film sets.

His younger sister is Ariel Winter – who plays Alex on Modern Family.

Christopher Lloyd – Uncle Fester

Christopher Lloyd starred in the US sitcom Taxi, played a patient in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest and Professor Plum in Clue but is still best known for iconic roles like Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and of course Doc Brown in Back To The Future.

He has since appeared in TV shows like Fringe and Numb3rs.  Apparently he rarely gives interviews or appears in public. His nephew is Sam Lloyd who played Ted Buckland in Scrubs. 

You’ll often see his names on TV show credits on shows like Frasier and Modern Family but that’s actually a different Christopher Lloyd – so don’t get it confused, right!

Dan Hedaya – Tully (the bad guy) and Dana Ivey – his wife Margaret

Dan played Carla’s husband Nick on Cheers and played the bad guy in the Coen Brothers first film Blood Simple.  He’ll still be best known to a generation as Cher’s dad in Clueless or Bette Midler’s ex husband in The First Wives Club. 

Dana is that woman who you think might be Maggie Smith, but isn’t.  She’s popped up in Home Alone 2, Legally Blonde 2 and more recently played Grace Higginbotham in The Help

Carel Struycken – Lurch

Born in the Hague, The Netherlands, Carel was diagnosed with acromegaly (a form of giantism) which makes him super tall.   As well as playing Lurch he had the role any Star Trek geeks might remember – Mr. Homn on The Next Generation.  Anyone?

Judith Malina – Granny Addams

Though she appears in the credits as ‘Granny Addams’ she is only ever called ‘Ma-Mah’ during the film (by her daughter Morticia).

Judith was big into radical and political theatre with her husband Julian Beck. Apparently they had an ‘open marriage’ and sometimes shared male lovers. They had two kids Garrick and Isha.

She also played Al Pacino’s mum in Dog Day Afternoon and more recently popped up in an episode of The Sopranos as Aunt Dottie.  She is now 86.

Elizabeth Wilson – Abigail Craven, the loan shark

Elizabeth Wilson had roles as a panicky mother in The Birds and as Dustin Hoffman’s mum in The Graduate.  At age 91 she stars in the new film Hyde Park on Hudson playing FD Roosevelt’s mother.  Despite always playing mums or wives she has never been married or had kids herself. .

 That’s what they’re all up to – I know as you have been reading this the theme tune may have been irritatingly playing in the background of your brain – bring it to the surface!

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