What Ever Happened To … Tabitha from ‘Bewitched’?

‘Bewitched’ originally ran from 1964-1972 but is beloved by every generation since as  it’s hardly ever off the TV.

If you’ve somehow missed it, it follows a suburban nose-twiddling witch and her eternally whining ad-exec husband Darrin (your wife’s incredibly hot and has magical powers, quit bitching about it).  In the second season they were joined by their cute half-witch daughter Tabitha…

tabitha bewitched

Before we go any further I think it’s only right that we get that catchy theme-tune stuck in your head for at least a week.

Stuck on an eternal repeat? Good.

Find out what happened to Tabitha, and her on-screen parents, after the jump!

Elizabeth Montgomery who played Samantha went on to star in lots of TV movies and was Emmy nominated several times.  She died of cancer in 1995 aged just 62.  She had been married four times and had three children.

elizabeth montgomery death

Here’s one of her last interviews (go to 4 mins) –

Dick York was the first Darrin Stephens (they spelled it ‘Darrin’ for some reason).

dick york darrin stephens bewitched

Due to chronic back pain and ongoing illness he stepped down from the programme.  He battled an addiction to pain killers before returning to acting in some TV guest roles.  Having been a very heavy smoker, Dick died in 1992 aged 63 from emphysema.

dick york death

Dick Sargent was the second Darrin Stephens and he played that role until the series ended in 1972.

dick sargent bewitchedHe was actually offered the role of Darrin before Dick York but had turned it down for a show called ‘Broadside’.  After the show, Dick continued to make guest appearances on sitcoms including ‘Family Ties’ and ‘Three’s Company’.  In 1991 he publicly confirmed that he was gay and campaigned for gay rights issues.  He died in 1994 from prostate cancer aged 64.

Here he is taking part in a gay pride parade with Elizabeth Montgomery in 1992.

dick sargent elizabeth montgomery bewitched

Agnes Moorehead played Endora, Samantha’s interfering mum.

agnes moorehead endora

She had often worked with Orson Welles and even played his mum in the classic ‘Citzen Kane’.

agnes moorehead citzen kane

She also starred in Disney’s ‘Pollyanna’ and was Oscar nominated for her role in ‘Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte’.

Agnes married twice and had no children.  She died of cancer in 1974 aged 73.

agnes moorehead

Now.. onto Erin Murphy who played Tabitha.

erin murphy tabitha

Erin originally shared the role with her non-identical twin sister Diane but after one season they grew to look different to each other and so Erin continued the role on her own.

erin murphy diane tabitha bewitched

Here’s a more recent pic of the twins –

erin murphy diane

Erin went on to have a varied career including casting director, makeup artist, fashion stylist, acting teacher, motivational speaker, and stunt double.

She has also hosted a few infomercials and appeared as a judge on ‘I Know My Kid’s a Star’.  In 2008 she took part in ‘Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling’ and took on the wrestler name Mistress Of Mayhem (or M.O.M).

erin murphy wrestler

More recently she began selling clothes knitted from alpaca wool, she has a few of the South American animals on her ranch.

alpacas erin murphy

Erin has been married three times and has six sons.  Here’s a recent interview with ‘Actors For Autism’ in which she talks about her career and her son’s autism.

Doesn’t she seem lovely?

Erin Murphy – and the cast of ‘Bewitched’, we salute you! 

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