Kids TV Classics: Henry’s Cat

‘Henry’s Cat’ was an 80′s kids cartoon which looked like it had been chucked together with scribbly markers in under 2 mins, and that was its unique charm.

henry's cat rabbit chris hyperactive

The show, which followed Henry and his best friend Chris Rabbit, was created by Stan Haywood and illustrator Bob Godfrey.  Bob was also the artist behind the similarly ‘wobbly’ styled 70′s hit cartoon ‘Roobarb’.  He died in February 2013 aged 91, just a few  days after ‘Roobarb’ narrator Richard Briers..

Here’s the catchy ‘Henry’s Cat’ closing theme -

Check out full episodes after the jump!

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What Ever Happened To… Wizadora?

‘Wizadora’ (1993-1998)  gave a harrowing insight into the troubled mind of a woman who is so lonely she tries to form a relationship with a coat hanger – or it’s about a bumbling trainee wizard in a magical house.  It depends on how you read it really.


But where’s the actress behind Wizadora now?


Find out after the jump!

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Thomas The Tank Engine

“I bet you didn’t know Ringo Starr was the narrator of ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’?”

ringo starr thomas the tank engine

YES, yes we did, as that’s quite possibly the most repeated piece of TV trivia ever.

After the jump check out 10 other bits of trivia about the books and kids TV show that you actually may not have heard 63 times before.

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He-Man: What Power?

It seems my mind moves slower than a geriatric glacier as it’s only just occurred to be that there’s something deeply wrong with 80′s cartoon series ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’.

For those unblessed with age, this cartoon followed Prince Adam of Eternia who could turn into He-Man via “THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL”.

What’s my problem?  Find out after the jump!

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What Ever Happened To … the cast of Balamory?

‘Balamory’ (2002-2005) was a relentlessly cheery kids programme set on a fictional Scottish island where everyone dresses in brightly coloured clothes, lives in a brightly coloured house, and asks questions directly to the camera (I hate when they do that …)

balamory cast

It’s perhaps best remembered for the brain-achingly catchy theme tune.

But where are all those Balamory residents now?  Find out after the jump!

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What Ever Happened To… T-Bag?

Not an early 90′s gangster rapper or a character from ‘Prison Break’, but rather ‘T-Bag’ the late 80′s and early 90′s kids show featuring a grouchy time-travelling witch and her long-suffering assistant T-Shirt.

t-bag t-shirt

The witch sisters (Tallulah Bag and later Tabatha Bag) apparently needed the little lad around so he could brew them magical cups of tea from the ‘High-T Plant’.. which sounds more than a little suspect.

‘T-Bag’ ran from 1985 to 1992, so what’s happened to the cast since?  Find out after the jump!

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Kids TV Classic: Bernard’s Watch

‘Bernard’s Watch’ (1997-2005 ) was about a young lad who finds a watch that can stop time.  Bernard uses this mind-blowing ability to… clean his room, wait for cuts to heal and make sure he’s on time for school.

bernard's watch


There are a few concerns in the YouTube comments that Bernard has significantly shortened his life-span by ageing within ‘paused time’ and that all this time-manipulation could have put an incredible strain on his heart.  CiTV never responded to these legitimate concerns.

Check out what Bernard looks like now – and a full episode after the jump!

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