Quick Quiz

Five more pop-culture questions for you!

1  How many different ‘zones’ were there in the 90s gameshow ‘The Crystal Maze’?

crystal maze richard o'brien

2  Kate Hudson’s character in ‘Almost Famous’ got her name from a Beatles song, which one?

penny lane kate hudson

3  Ella Fitzgerald (in 1955) and Justin Timberlake (in 2002) sang different songs with the same title, what was it?

4  The title translates to English as ‘One More Time’, what was the 1997 UK number 2 hit?

5  The dad from ‘The Sound of Music’, the female diner robber in ‘Pulp Fiction’ and Super Mario – what’s the link?

sound of music dad christopher plummer pulp fiction amanda plummer super mario

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Random Flashback: Elijah Wood, Marine Biologist?

Back in 1990 a 9 year-old Elijah Wood explained why he enjoys making movies but adds that he might study sharks instead.

Marine biology’s loss was Hollywood’s gain.

Elijah appeared in a Paula Abdul video and ‘Back to the Future Part 2′ (below) before starring in ‘The Good Son’, ‘North’ and ‘Flipper’.  He graduated to adult roles with ‘The Ice Storm’ andThe Faculty’ and became a household name thanks to the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy.   

elijah wood back to the future part II 2

He recently appeared in a suspense thriller called ‘Grand Piano’ and is filming a role in ‘The Last Witch Hunter’.

elijah wood 2014

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Quick Updates!

Sean Bean will play a flight director in Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’. The film will feature Matt Damon as an astronaut trapped on the red planet, and also includes Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara, Michael Pena and Kristen Wiig.

Another 80s cartoon is coming to the big screen. Hasbro say a ‘My Little Pony’ film will be out in 2017.  The franchise was launched in 1983 and was revamped in 2010 with a new animated series.  Also a new ‘Care Bears’ series is on the way to ‘Netflix’.

my little pony then now original dolls friendship is forever

Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has died aged 82.   He famously designed for Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s and his gowns have been worn by A-listers on the red carpet and up the wedding aisle ever since.  He was married twice and is survived by his son Moises and his stepchildren.

oscar de la renta 2014

The release of horror film ‘The Conjuring 2′ has been pushed back from October 2015 to October 2016.  It’s thought New Line are putting out another Halloween horror in its place instead.

Damon Albarn has a hit solo album out and will be adapting a kids book into a West End musical but in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald he says he’s also hoping team up with artist Jamie Hewlett again for a Gorillaz album in 2016.   The cartoon hip-hop crew went on a break in 2012.

gorillaz 2014 jamie hewlett

Renee Zellweger has raised a few eyebrows with her radically ‘freshened’ face at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards.  Considering she now looks like a completely different person, I imagine her returning for ‘Bridget Jones 3′ anymore, can you?

renee zellweger cosmetic botox eye lift then now face change plastic surgery 2014

The third series of ‘The Syndicate’ will be set in a crumbling stately home.  Each season follows a different group of workers as they win the lottery, this time the staff win £14million but one of their daughters goes missing the same night – are the desperate aristocracy holding her hostage?  It will star Lenny Henry, Anthony Andrews, former ‘The Office’ star Elizabeth Berrington, and Star Trek’s ‘Borg Queen’ Alice Krige.

Zane Lowe is putting together a new ‘Drive’ soundtrack with artists like Chvrches, Foals SBTRKT, The 1975, Baauer, BANKS, Bastille, Bring Me the Horizon, Eric Prydz, Jon Hopkins, Laura Mvula, The Neighbourhood and ZCC reworking tracks from the original.  The film, with new soundtrack, will be played on BBC Three on October 30th.


Quick Quiz

Five more pop-culture questions for you!

1  What was SuperTed’s best friend called?

superted spotty

2  Samantha, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte – which ‘Sex and the City’ character was married the most times?

sex and the city 3

3  According to the 1994 hit by the Brand New Heavies what time is it at the oasis?

4  Michael Stipe found himself there in REM’s ‘Losing My Religion’ and it was Dizzee Rascal’s debut album – where are they?

michael stipe dizzee rascal

5  What’s separates the group Sandman, Wendal, Brightside, Tamborine Man and the group Robinson, Jackson, Jones, Independent?

Answers after the jump! Please let me know how you do on Twitter @showbizgeek

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Quick Updates!

Actress and presenter Lynda Bellingham has died aged 66.  She was diagnosed with cancer last year and recent chose to stop chemotherapy.  Lynda appeared on stage and was a ‘Loose Women’ regular, but is perhaps best known as the ‘Oxo mum’ – here’s what happened the rest of the Oxo Family. 

lynda bellingham silver hair

Here’s the first full trailer for ‘The Comeback’ season 2 starring Lisa Kudrow as desperate actress Valerie Cherish.  The original series ran in 2005 and despite being a huge critical hit was cancelled after one season – now she’s back, and Seth Rogen has joined her!  (via ConorBehan)

Check out what happened the cast of the original series HERE

In a new Halloween special ‘The Simpsons’ meet several alternate versions of the family – including how they looked on their 1989 debut, a CGI Simpsons, an ‘Adventure Time’ Simpsons, a ‘South Park’ Simpsons, an Anime Simpsons, an ‘Archer’ Simpsons, and even ones like look like Minions from ‘Despicable Me’.

The Paragons lead singer John Holt has died aged 69.  He wrote and performed the 1969 track ‘The Tide is High’ which was later covered by Blondie, Billie Piper and Atomic Kitten.

53 year-old Stanley Tucci is to become a dad for the fourth time.   He and literary agent Felicity Blunt (his ‘Devil Wears Prada’ co-star Emily Blunt’s sister) are expecting their first child together.  Stanley had three children with his late wife who died in 2009.

stanley tucci felicity blunt

Today (Oct 20) Lorraine Kelly had to stop mid-show because of a fire alarm.  She was only one question into an interview with ex-X Factor contestant Stephanie Nala when they all had to evacuate the building. (via Digitalspy)


Quick Quiz

Five more pop-culture questions for you!

1  ‘The Naked Gun 2 1/2′ followed ‘The Naked Gun’ – what was the third film called?

naked gun 2 1/2

2  Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” was the theme tune to which hit 1995 film?

3  What song did Maverick (Tom Cruise) and friends famously sing in ‘Top Gun’?

tom cruise top gun karaoke loving feeling kelly mcgellis

4  Martin and Gary played Ronnie and Reggie – what was the 1990 movie?

5  The 2003 film ‘Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem’ was created to accompany music from which band?

interstellar 5555

Answers after the jump!  Please let me know how you do at @showbizgeek

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Quick Quiz

Five more pop-culture questions for you!

1   Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean always wore the same suit, what colour was it?

mr bean rowan atkinson

2   In ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit’, which famous cartoon character worked as a waitress in the bar where Jessica Rabbit performed?

jessica rabbit club who framed roger rabbit

3  Inner Circle’s ‘Bad Boys’ is theme tune to which long-running US TV show?

4  Marvin Monroe, Nick Riviera, Julius M Hibbert – what’s the link?

5  Gwen Stefani’s 2006 single ‘Wind It Up’ sampled a song from which musical?

gwen stefani wind it up

Answers after the jump!  Please let me know how you do at @showbizgeek

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Rory’s 2mins Doctor Who Review: S8E9 ‘Flatline’

This week The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) tackles 2D enemies and a shrinking TARDIS in Bristol. With guest stars Jovian Wade, Christopher Fairbank and the return of Michelle Gomez as Missy.

doctor who flatline

But was it any good?  Here’s my 2mins review

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Celeb Gogglebox – The Best Bits!

As part of Channel 4’s ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ fundraising night some celebs chipped in with their opinions along with the regular ‘Gogglebox’ crowd.

gogglebox kate moss noel gallagher naomi campbell

Noel Gallagher, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, are on one couch, ‘Miranda’ stars Miranda Hart, Tom Ellis, and Sarah Hadland share crisps and views on another and Kathy Burke has a night in with Paul O’Grady on a third.

What did they all make of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’?

Here’s Noel accusing Kate of nicking his crisps!

More highlights after the jump!

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